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“I got somethin‘ to say…” Metallica’s Version from Garage Days Revisited

I have thought about starting a blog for a long time. I have both in jealousy and shock watched my brother’s blog The Gideonse Bible dodge traffic, create chaos and explain away the fragility of the human condition. I see this blog as an opportunity to document my convictions about music, audio production, education and everything else.

Some of the specific topics that I know will be in the works:

I am a teacher at the New England Institute of Art. Despite my history of being a web geek in previous lives, I have completely avoided using the web as a format for getting information out to the classes. I teach Audio Recording and Audio Technology. The recording class is a hands on introduction to mixing and tracking on linear digital recorders. We start with 8 tracks and 16 channels and move up to 24 tracks and 32 channels on an in-line console. The class is intense, exciting and a critical building block for the students. The tech class is all the math and theory behind audio from physics and acoustics, to the basics of electricity and transformers, to the use and purposes of amplitude domain, spectral and time-based effects.

So the blog will be used to add a little web flava to the classes. Non-students of course will also have access to the blog and have every opportunity to read and contribute as well.

I will probably write some reviews of music, musical theater (Spring Awakenings in NYC was so grossly unsatisfying and unmoving that I no longer want to admit that I like Rock Opera as an art form.)

I will also write some articles about audio production that doesn’t fit into the class curriculum for the classes at NEIA.

I can think of about 312 other things that I will write about if I have the time…

Signing off,

Henny Rock da Genius

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