New School Year

It’s September again and all the students have returned to Boston. This Semester finds me teaching both Audio Recording I and Audio Technology II at NEIA. I will also be doing a lot of additional work in the studio on more songwriting and production projects, recording some modern concert music on location at Tufts University and working on getting back in shape for performing again.

Some changes of note at NEIA: The school has given up on digital tape and now we begin an era of recording to stand-alone hard-disk recorder, namely Alesis’ ADAT HD24. The units can handle 24 tracks of 44.1/48Khz and 12 tracks of 88.2/96Khz. The units have decent AD-DA and store data in a manner that is easily moved around and transferred to computers or other devices. They use cheap IDE drives, so you don’t need to archive the recordings onto tape or optical to store the data, but rather just leave in on the disk. Very convenient.

One major adjustment with this new equipment, is that 16 track mixes are now a possibility in Studio F, where previously we were really only able to do 8 track mixes. This also means that there will be more demand to work in Studio F.

I am working on a portable PA device to run off of regular store-bought batteries for at least a couple of hours. I am working with Chris Davis and Richard O’Connell on this project and more information about this will be available soon. We’ll be using a digital amplifier that can run easily on low voltage, like 12V for instance. The advantage of the digital amps is that they weight much less and require much less heat dissipation.

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