The Best Vise for Electronic Projects: Panavise 350

Panavise Model 350 Electronics Vise

Panavise Model 350 Electronics Vise

One of the the most important tools on your workbench is your vise.  Without a strong, stable support for your work you will spend hours knocking over junior size vises or “helping-hands” alligator-clip toys. My personal favorite vise is the Panavise 350 [] shown to the left.

The 350 is actually 3 products shipped as a single product. First you get the heavy-duty base, the Panavise 312.  It weighs 2 pounds by itself and at 8 ½ inches wide you won’t be able to tip this baby over. It comes with nice rubber feet to help keep it from sliding and you can mount all of the Pro (300 and series) mounts as well as the Jr. (201) mounts.

Next is the standard 300 base which can hold all of the vise jaws that you could possibly want. It weighs in at 1 ½ lbs, which adds a good deal of stability in itself.

The 350 also comes with the Model 376 self-centering extra-wide jaws!  These jaws have a number of really convenient features.  First the vise is opened and closed with a rotating handle with ball bearings.  You can open or close very quickly without having to take your hand off the handle.  The jaws are reversible so you can hold small items or PCB as big as 9 inches across.  The neoprene jaw pads are grooved to hold your boards and they are replaceable if they should ever wear out.  The Panavise 350 comes with a lifetime warranty also, so no worries about quality here. has the best deal on the PanaVise 350 Multi-Purpose Work Center which is $69.50 at the time of this posting.

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