Started working on 5 more baritone guitars!

I have recently started building 5 more baritone guitars under the Indecent brand. All the bodies will be constructed from white ash, but the necks will be laminated from many different woods. I found a great piece of sap-wood walnut which is very strong, but also light-weight. The walnut will be laminated with purple heart like the original prototype neck. I will also be making maple/purple heart and mahogany/purpleheart laminates as well.

Jim Mouradian of Mouradian Guitars has agreed to hang one of the new guitars in his Winchester guitar store. Jim and his son own the business together and manufacturer their own line of gorgeous and innovative guitars and basses. Eddie from Carlino Guitars has also been quite helpful in the process and we probably be selling the instruments as well.

Please let me know if anyone has suggestions for new neck materials!

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  1. Koen Cassiers Says:

    Wow Hendrik, I’ve only just started designing my own baritone and information such as you blog is hard to find on the vast internet, there’s not that much useful info about bar-guitars other than reviews or advertisements… So thanks a lot for sharing your experiences with us all!
    Koen Cassiers, an amateur-guitar builder from Mortsel, Antwerp, Belgium. (studied for 3 years at the International Lutherie School of Antwerp, check out )

  2. ian Says:

    hey im currently making my first guitar.
    its a bass so quite diffrent to what you have here, however i am having trouble finding infomation on how to make a 5 piece neck.
    is there any chance you could offer me help on my project? please email me at

  3. Ian Says:

    Can you give me any advice on how to build a 5 piece neck?
    On all the ones i look at the laminations dont reach the headstock, how is it attached?

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