TASCAM’s GigaStudio Kills Your DAW

Prepare yourself.  This will be a rant.

Several years ago I purchased GigaStudio so that I could use Sonic Implants’ (now SoniVox) amazing sounding orchestral sample library.  The library cost about double what I paid for my first car in Bean-town. It was expensive and it was worth it.  GigaStudio however is a heaping pile of turds. When I installed GigaStudio 3 the first time, it prompted me to restart my computer at which point it destroyed the boot loader for the Windows XP operating system and prevents you from being able to boot using Safe Mode.  The drivers for TASCAM’s software are “special.”  Not WDM, not ASIO, just special.  I had to rip all of the PCI-based sound cards out of the machine, disconnect everything with a USB connector on it just to get it to boot.

Then I downloaded the updated version of their software.  I installed it and rebooted my computer again with a tremendous amount of anxiety. I then tried to start the software only to find that I would have to register it to get it to work for the first time.  I went to their horrid website and registered my software.  I then got a page that said that it would take 48 hours for them to send my registration code, but that GigaStudio would work for 10 days without registration. Not true. (You’re a lying sack of crap, You’re a lying, scheming, stinking, nasty sack of liquid crap! — Stephanie Miller)

So I basically gave up on the software and purchased GVI so that I could run the samples as a plugin.  It still really sucks. You can’t open the .GSP files that you saved your settings in with GVI. So I recently had to load up a bunch of old projects where I was using GigaStudio so I could remix a bunch of old hip-hop instrumentals. Sovivox, bless their hearts, does allow you to crossgrade you samples to Kontact 2 format for $500.  So you can fix the problem by throwing more money at the problem.

TASCAM’s GigaStudio and GVI really,  really suck and their support can bite me in the booty too.

Beware the GigaStudio…

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