Classic Gear Directory

This semester my Audio Technology 2 classes at the New England Institute of Art (or AI New England) will be compiling a list of classic gear with descriptions, links and information about why and how equipment became classic. This is the list I came up with while waiting in the airport in Detroit, so I am sure that I have left off at least a few classic items. I would encourage everyone to make suggestions of equipment to add to the list. Right now, for reasons of my class curriculum we are including only preamps, dynamics and spectral processors. Here is my first revision of classic gear:






Fairchild (mono or stereo)

Neve 33609

dbx 160

API 2500

API 225/525


Drawmer DS-201


Neve 1073

UA 610

API 212/512

Millenia HV-3C

Focusrite Red

Trident “A Range” – Daking MPIV

Ampex Tape Machine Pres


Massive Passive

API 550A or 550B

Weiss EQ-1

Pultec EQ (Original or Manley)

SSL EQ Module

GML 8200

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