Audio Interfaces and Patchbays Question


I have a question about the patchbays. I’ve laid out all my gear and figured out every I/O that I have and what cables I need, I started hooking things up and I’m slightly confused about how the audio interface (M-Audio Delta 1010) hooks up with the TASCAM DM-3200 through the patchbay.


The most common configuration for an audio interface, a mixer and a patchbay is as follows:

Directs outputs on the mixer would be half-normaled to the analog inputs on the audio interface.

Analog outputs on the audio interface are half-normaled to the line inputs on the mixer to allow for digital mixing in the mixer.

In the case of the TASCAM DM-3200, in order to get more analog outputs you would want to purchase 1 or 2 TASCAM IF-AN/DM 8-channel expander cards.  You would use these additional outputs as direct outputs or bus outputs.  Out of the box, the DM-3200 has only 4 assignable analog outputs, plus the main outs and the monitor outs.  The DM-3200 does have 24 channels of TASCAM Digital Interface outputs (TDIF) and you could buy an audio interface card that has TDIF digital inputs.

You could also purchase the TASCAM IF-FW/DMmkII a card the makes the DM-3200 into an interface eliminating the need for the M-Audio Delta 1010’s.  The only problem with this is that M-Audio has REALLY good drivers for the Delta 1010’s and TASCAM has a really bad reputation for their drivers and support. I have no firsthand knowledge of problems with drivers for the DM-3200, but I have experienced the disaster of Giga-Sampler, Giga-Studio and GVI which all used specialized drivers to work.

Hope this helps!

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