Trying Out Pro Tools for the First Time

I should mention that I have been a user of audio software for 20 years and a professional audio engineer for just as long. I have been a PC user for audio and my DAW of choice was first ACID, then Vegas, then Cakewalk’s Sonar. I have been staunchly opposed to the Digidesign “you must use our hardware” policy ever since I learned what Native meant. So I was interested when I heard that starting with version 9, Pro Tools has been compatible with other hardware. Hurray!

So now, Feb 16, 2013, I am trying Pro Tools again…for the first time since M-Powered… So I authorize my iLok with the Demo version of Pro Tools 10 and download the demo version, which is also version 10. I am using Windows 7 SP 1 and 2 MOTU 2408MK3’s. I install Pro Tools and fire it up when I get this error:

WARNING Loss of Plugin Authorization May Occur

WTF? I am starting to remember why I have so afraid of installing this on my DAW machine. I actually use my DAW for stuff, like making money. My C: Drive is called SystemWindows7 which apparently is bad. I tell it to keep going. Pro Tools hangs with the error that the audio interface can’t be adjusted and then pukes.

I verify that Pro Tools is supposed to work with my hardware. I discover that the version I downloaded is 10 and I should have downloaded 10.3.2. Do I download it and try to install it. Puke. You can’t install this version without uninstalling the old version first. So I uninstall it and try to install 10.3.2. I fire it up and get:

DAE Pro Tools Error


Oh yeah, this is awesome software. I try to find some documentation in the install talking about this. Nada. I visit GearSlutz for help on the error. That turned out not to help much. So then I find this:  DAE error 9514; Pro Tools won’t launch (Windows)

The short version of what the suggestion is that there was an install problem where I was using anti-virus during the install. Unfortunately I don’t use anti-virus on my DAW machine, so this isn’t the problem.

I am starting to realize that this isn’t going to be easy. I am several hours into the process and so far the software isn’t even usable. I don’t have a complicated system. I am running a Windows home network with a few machines attached. No domain, just a home group and file sharing. So far I am not impressed at all.

So I try to do an uninstall and I get this:

Cannot remove shortcut.

So it looks like I can’t get even get a clean uninstall to start over from scratch. So I am going to start another post for the next stage of this disaster…or continue with this one.

Now I have reinstalled Pro Tools and the computer won’t boot up. After an hour it does boot up after a full cold boot. I start Pro Tools and try to make a project and I get:

Pro Tools Sample Rate Error

Oh boy. I am going to continue to bang on this for a while until I get it to work. Otherwise I will have to go in to school to grade projects using a Mac and 10.3.2.



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  1. chaodao Says:

    hi buddy, you can try to install from the setup folder “ISSetupPrerequisites”, and install “Avid Core Driver” and “Avid HD Driver” for your OS, then the problems solved, cos I had been through that also and this will fix that 9514 error and make sure you open Pro tools with Administrator

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks, chaodao!

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