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Coming Soon: Review of Black Lion Audio’s AGB Stereo Compressor

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013
The Black Lion Audio AGB Stereo Compressor

The Black Lion Audio AGB Stereo Compressor

I have been looking for a new flavor of compressor for a quite a while. I love the ease of use of the LA-2A style optical compressors, the speed and intensity of FET compressors and the predictability and smoothness of the dbx VCA compressors. But I want something new. The AGB is a diode compressor, based on the Neve 33609, so I was looking forward to hearing something new. I am working on an evaluation of Black Lion Audio’s compressor and I will share my findings here.

You can read all about the compressor on Black Lion’s website, but there really aren’t very many reviews out there with any detail so far. So check back here for the review. Also coming soon a review of the Black Lion Auteur Preamp!